Vol 1 Episode 10 – Anti-Muslim speaker deplatformed twice and a right wing radio host fired.

Vol 1 Episode 10 features an interview with Asma Elhuni who was centrally involved in the deplatforming of anti-muslim speaker and author Robert Spencer from not one but 2 venues in New Hampshire. This campaign may also have cost a right wing radio host his job for his aggressive social media comments regarding this event.

ACAB or The Boston Police Riot at Straight Pride Hate Rally !

Volume 1 Episode 9 of VMN has interviews from the hostess, Medic Mom, the elderly medic who was attacked by the cops, ruckus and an anonymous medic who did his duties as a medic even while being held hostage by the police. The episode wraps up with an interview with Alison from the Torproject discussing […]

All Out against the fascistic Straight Pride Aug 31 in Boston !

Volume 1 Episode 8 of Vermont Movement News. This is a shorter podcast for an emergency mobilization against the fascist Straight Pride Parade that is being held in Boston on Saturday August 31. The purpose of this podcast is to get as many people as possible to come out to oppose this right wing event.

Volume 1 Episode 7 – The fightback against ICE

Volume 1 Episode 7 of Vermont Movement News. This episode features interviews with Julie Conason and Adrienne Cooper Smith who were arrested protesting the ICE data Center in Williston VT on July 28th. We also have an interview with Scott Norman Rosenthal who was arrested protesting the ICE raids in Hartford on Aug 14th. The […]

FIP/Anti-ICE action in Hartford TSP VT and Anti-F35 action.

Volume 1 Episode 6 of Vermont Movement News. This episode features interviews with Asma Alhouni and Kira Kelley who were at the July 30 2019 action at the Hartford Select Board discussing a FIP (Fair and Impartial Policing Policy that would forbid the Hartford police from collaborating or colluding with Federal ICE agents. After discussing […]