Daryle Lamont Jenkins on BTV Channel 17

This episode is a rebroadcast of a discussion between Meghan O’Rourke and Daryle Lamont Jenkins regarding free speech and an intro on what the One People’s Project does to oppose fascism, fascists and racists.

Epona Rose Speaks out

Epona Rose speaks out about transphobia and her recent assault and arrest for self-defense in so called Flagstaff Arizona.

There are some issues with the sound quality but i have done my best to make this listen-able.

Trigger warnings for sexual assault, abusive jail conditions and transphobia apply.

The Brawl in BTV

Conversation about Free Speech with Sandy Baird and Marina Brown 10/11/2023 – A discussion about free speech and it’s limits turns into a callout for Sandy platforming the anti-trans group LGB Alliance.

Trigger warnings for conflict and transphobia.

Discussion at YIVO of left wing antisemetism

The horrors coming out of Israel/Palestine have been bringing out the worst in many people.

The attacks on Israeli civilians and the corresponding wholescale killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza has created fertile ground for Islamophobia and antisemetism.

In this episode i am rebroadcasting a discussion of Antisemetism on the left that was initially recorded on Tuesday May 4, 2021 at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Many thanks to Spencer Sunshine and YIVO for permission to use this material. It is especially relevant at the present moment.

The original video can be found at https://yivo.org/Leftists and athttps://spencersunshine.com/2021/04/06/yivo-las/ .

Talking with the Grassroots social and cultural center in Wroclaw Poland

In this episode we talk with Krzysztof from the Oddolne Centrum SpoĹ‚eczno Kulturalne – or Grassroots Social and Cultural Center in Wroclaw Poland. The center has come under repeated attack by neo-nazis but it continues to do it’s good work.


Antifascist: A Memoir of the Portland Uprising, 2016-2021

In this episode we discuss the book – Antifascist: A Memoir of the Portland Uprising, 2016-2021, by Luis Enrique Marquez. We discuss the ups and downs of being an antifascist in Portland and some of the many controversies Luis has gotten involved in during his activist career.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins – Executive Director of the One Peoples Project is co-host.

Luis is the author of the book who graciously agreed to come talk on VMN !

Talking with The Polish Grannies !

In this episode we talk with Polskie Babscie – The Polish Grannies about the situation in Poland and the importance of the upcoming elections. The Polish Grannies have stood against the far right ruling party – PIS and it’s bigotry in the streets. Polskie Babscie shows that antifascism is not just for the young !

ACAB in Flagstaff AZ – Free Epona Rose !!

In this episode we discuss the situation of Epona Rose who was arrested for defending herself from a hateful attack. All this is happening in the backdrop of centuries of ONGOING oppression of the indigenous population by the colonial authorities. Colonialism and imperialism continues to poison the hearts of many living under them.

CCTV Interviews Marina Brown about VTLEAKS

This episode contains a recording of a CCTV interview of Marina Brown
regarding VTLEAKS.

This is the description from cctv.org

The recording will be presented in whole as it was.

Host Meghan O’Rourke interviews Marina Brown about VT Leaks, Vermont Transparency and Accountability.

For more information visit: www.vtleaks.org/

Production Date: 05/19/2023

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