Vol 3 Episode 3 – An interview with a public school Latin teacher

*Andrea Weiskopf *- Andrea is an English and Latin teacher who works
with Loudoun County Public Schools. I have not found any news articles
about her receiving harassment from right-wingers, but she is an active
supporter of social justice and has counter-protested against many
far-right gatherings.

Twitter: @latinsaxa
Blog: andreaweiskopf.net

Vermont Movement News Vol 3 Episode 2 – Melissa Grandi Statz

Vermont Movement News vol 3 Episode 2

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the executive director of the One Peoples Project
todays co-host.

In this episode we will be interviewing Melissa Grandi Statz
Melissa was a social studies teacher who works at Dyer Elementary School in Burlington, Wisconsin. In August 2020 – a few months after George Floyd’s murder, Melissa taught classes about racism in response to questions from her students who the murders by police. A right-wing Facebook group eventually caught wind of lessons and a slew of harassment and death threats began. Her story was covered by PBS Wisconsin Education and NBC News.



Vermont Movement News vol 3 Episode 1 – An interview with Brian McCrae

In this episode we will be interviewing Brian McCrae, a
teacher of photography, video production, and graphic design teacher at North Country Union High School in Newport Vermont up near the canadian border. Vermont has a reputation for liberalism and progressive values, however it has not been immune against the far-right’s crusade against anti-racist values and tolerance.

Vol 2 Ep 6 – The Spanish Civil War with Beth Foster

Volume 2 Episode 6 features an interview with Beth Foster regarding the experience of Americans who fought in the Spanish Civil War and the aftermath of their experience. Fascinating !

Spencer Sunshine talk on Antisemitism on the left 2010

VMN Vol 2 Episode 5 re-broadcasts Spencer Sunshines presentation at the 2010 ARA convention discussing antisemitism on the left. I believe this is well worthwhile listening to even though the sound quality is not the best.

What about the elections ? – A discussion with Shawn Pratt and Duane.

VMN discusses the elections and related topics with Shawn Pratt and Duane from New Hampshire. Podcast includes a wonderful track from ‘Grindwork Fresh’.

Inteview with Raymond Tee Tee Moore, Shawn Pratt and Daryl Lamont Jenkins

VMN Vol 2 Episode 3 features an interview with Raymond Tee Tee Moore from North Adams Ma, Shawn Pratt from Bennington VT and Daryl Lamont Jenkins of the One Peoples Project out of NJ. They discuss BLM and the many challenges and threats they have faced organizing for racial justice.

An interview with Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin

This episode features an interview with longtime activist Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin. She discusses activism in Ireland, strategies with regards to anarchism, the fight against bigotry and trans rights. This is a good discussion on tactics.