VMN Volume 3 Episode 7 – All out against the white Supremacist AmRen Convention

VMN V3 E7 – An interview with Daryl Lamont Jenkins of the antifascist One Peoples Project regarding opposition to the white supremacist American Renaissance convention that will be held at the Montgomery Bell Park in Burns TN Nov 18-20 2022. All out against white supremacy !

Margaret Elisabeth a co-chair of Green Party Lavender caucus

An interview with Margaret Elisabeth a co-chair of Green Party Lavender caucus and a co-chair of the Green Party of the US. The Green party has become a front in the recent wave of culture war bigotry. We discuss transphobia, the anti-crt panic and fascist entryism in the environmental movement. This is a must-listen episode …

An interview with a Texas history teacher

Scott Frank is a history teacher who works at IDEA Frontier, a public school in Brownsville, Texas. For reference, IDEA stands for “Individuals Dedicated to Excellence and Achievement”. In his own words, he describes the anti-CRT backlash as “an attack on educators, the understanding of the past and, worst of all, on our students fully …

Vol 3 Episode 3 – An interview with a public school Latin teacher

*Andrea Weiskopf *- Andrea is an English and Latin teacher who workswith Loudoun County Public Schools. I have not found any news articlesabout her receiving harassment from right-wingers, but she is an activesupporter of social justice and has counter-protested against manyfar-right gatherings. Twitter: @latinsaxaBlog: andreaweiskopf.net

Vermont Movement News Vol 3 Episode 2 – Melissa Grandi Statz

Vermont Movement News vol 3 Episode 2 Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the executive director of the One Peoples Projecttodays co-host. In this episode we will be interviewing Melissa Grandi StatzMelissa was a social studies teacher who works at Dyer Elementary School in Burlington, Wisconsin. In August 2020 – a few months after George Floyd’s murder, Melissa …